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We help low-income students to pursue their college dreams.

We provide you mentorship and financial assistance to study.

What we are doing
Financial Assistance

We evaluate student's economic condition. Once eligible, students choose the college to study, they choose their desired subject. We will pay their entire college fee.

Mentorship Program

We do not just pay their college fee, we mentor them, we coach them until they graduate.

Sponsor, School and student (3S) model

We work on 3S model.
(S)We find Sponsor/Donor for students.
(S) We co-ordinate with School and Colleges for admission and fee payments.
(S) We consult students and motivate them to complete their education.

Donor Loyalty Program

Loyal donors are the pillars of our organization. Without them, we can not step forward. We want to make emotional connection and relationship between donors and organization.

Donor Choice Fund.

Do you have a better idea?

We love to hear. Let's talk about it. Email us at hello@dream100.org

About Dream100.Org

It started with a couple's dream to educate 100 students

Amrita and I(Suvash) are blessed to say that, on December 1st, 2020, we got married in front of two hundred family, friends, and relatives at Hotel Sneha Nepalgunj, Nepal.

We want to share our happiness by sponsoring one hundred poor talents of Nepal to continue their higher education. During our marriage ceremony, we received many Dakshina and gifts as love and blessing from both sides of our family, and relatives. Amrita and I decided that we will donate collected Dakshina amount of $1,000 to help school kids to pursue their college dream.

We will donate $1,000 every year until the 100th kid completes his/her college degree.

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